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My Books

Beginning Server-Side Application Development with Angular

Discover how to rapidly prototype SEO-friendly web applications with Angular Universal.

Bram Borggreve.
Packt Publishing; Edition: 1 (April 30, 2018). ISBN: 1789342163

Server-Side Enterprise Development with Angular

Use Angular Universal to pre-render your web pages, improving SEO and application UX.

Bram Borggreve.
Packt Publishing; Edition: 1 (Nov 29, 2018). ISBN: 1789806267

Video Courses

SEO Friendly Progressive Web Applications with Angular Universal

Learn how to create a Server-Side rendered Angular PWA that serves as a public website.


Build a Node.js REST API with LoopBack

In this course the developer will learn how to create a LoopBack API and build it out to an API that can be used as a backend for apps.


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